TerraNova® Ultra plant in Jining/China officially inaugurated

On December 1st. 2016 the first large scale TerraNova® Ultra plant for the treatment of 14.000 tons of sewage sludge was officially inaugurated in the city of Jining/China.

The plant, which has been operating since the late summer in Jining, annually processes 14,000 tons of sludge from the state-owned waste disposal company from Shandong. With about 100 million inhabitants, Shandong is one of the most populous and economically important provinces in China – an expansion to 40,000 tons has already been planned.

Through German, Swiss and Chinese cooperation, the one-of-a-kind project was realized in just six months. The project was commissioned by the operator Beijing Shunhong Jinjian Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd. and overseen by the renowned Swiss engineering company Holinger AG, which also technically accepted it after completion.