TerraNova® Ultra is installed on sewage treatment plants that would like to maximize the sewage sludge dewatering results or to replace thermal drying systems by a significantly more efficient technology.

The TerraNova® Ultra technology will therefore

  • convince the system operators of the cost advantages
  • ensure elimination of harmful substances
  • enable efficient recovery of Phosphorous
  • make the energy contained in the sewage sludge useable, instead of requiring extra energy for safe disposal
  • be used in a decentralized way in order to minimize the amount of expensive and ecologically problematic sewage sludge transport

TerraNova® Ultra can be integrated with little cost and effort into any sewage treatment system without interfering with the treatment process:

Graphik Einbindung in Kläranlage en

The TerraNova Ultra method has proven itself through numerous scientific studies and many years of continuous operation on many sewage sludge treatment plants of varying size. Its importance as an innovative way to reutilize sewage sludge is also recognized today internationally, where operation of TerraNova energy systems is already agreed upon or planned. The first industrial size TerraNova® Ultra plant is being operated in Jining/China.