Project Jining

TerraNova® Ultra for annual treatment of 40.000 t of sewage sludge

The city of Jining/China with a population of 2 Mio. is located 600km south of Beijing. The sewage sludge of 500.000 inhabitants will be treated by the TerraNova® Ulta process to generate green fuel. The first project phase for 14.000 tons per year was successfully commissioned for the operator Beijing Shunhong Jinjian Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd. and passed technical certification by the renowned Swiss Engineering company Holinger AG. Due to the good performance of the plant the state owned disposal company of Shandong, one of the most populated and economically strongest provinces in China, established an innovation platform for the roll out of TerraNova® Ultra.

This video shows the TerraNova® Ultra plant in Jining: