TerraNova® Ultra- an Investment that pays

Traditionally sewage sludge is disposed in agriculture or landfill. Both disposal paths will be more and more restricted due to increasing environmental requirements. The alternative thermal disposal, for example in power plants or cement kilns, requires long transportation and bears high cost due to the disposal fees, often adding up to more than 100 EUR per ton of dewatered sewage sludge. Just in Germany these cost reach around 400 Mio EUR per year for the communities.

The TerraNova® Ultra technology, which is based on a Hydrothermal Carbonization, is much more economical and therefore decreases the annual operation cost of a wastewater treatment plant. With larger installations the cost advantage even grows.

Additional income from the recovered nutrients are not yet considered and further improve the economical advantage compared to the traditional disposal path.

“Hydrothermal Carbonization by TerraNova® Ultra is less expensive than the thermal disposal of the dewatered sewage sludge.”

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“TerraNova® Ultra Sludge Drying bears less total annual cost than a change to anaerobe sludge stabilization.”

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